Below are the R options and environment variables that are used by the future.apply package and packages enhancing it.

WARNING: Note that the names and the default values of these options may change in future versions of the package. Please use with care until further notice.


For settings specific to the future package, see future::future.options page.

Options for debugging future.apply


(logical) If TRUE, extensive debug messages are generated. (Default: FALSE)

Environment variables that set R options

All of the above R future.apply.* options can be set by corresponding environment variable R_FUTURE_APPLY_* when the future.apply package is loaded. For example, if R_FUTURE_APPLY_DEBUG=TRUE, then option future.apply.debug is set to TRUE (logical).

See also

To set R options or environment variables when R starts (even before the future package is loaded), see the Startup help page. The startup package provides a friendly mechanism for configuring R's startup process.


if (FALSE) {
options(future.apply.debug = TRUE)